CB Home Grown Work Stand/Bench Lifted

This one seems pretty cool. It has a ramp built in.


I built the bbc one today since I don't have that big of a garage.


wagonmaster69 said:
Hey Kit now if I cut off 20" insted of 24" I can make it lower and longer rite? And nice garage mine is probably bigger but yours is so much cleaner and organize.

Yeah, I would think that that would work fine, you'd lose four inches of height, and gain four of length. The span between them would increase, but I can't imagine that four inches would make a significant difference. As for stability, I was very aware of this issue when I designed them, which is why I only built one at first. I had planned on fitting outriggers if it did prove to be unstable, but is not. If all the wheels are positioned inboard the short span is about 22inches. It's just as stable as any table with a 22 inch span. They're taller than many I've seen and you can choose to make them as tall or short as you'd like. With the wheels outboard the span opens up to about 24 inches.
I'm thinking about using some old scaffolding planks screwed into some 2x4's cut to about 9.5 feet in length

4x4's cut to about 3ft for legs with 2x4's around the outside to added braces.

I can get a 1/2 inch piece od steel for a ramp and some kind of hinge setup with removable pins, to make a removable ramp.

going to be damn heavy, When I move I'll have to call in some extra support :)
Sounds like you have the right idea, to use scrap wood. Lumber isn't that cheap.
What I would like to do is similar to mysta's since I prefer utilizing underneath for storage. What I had in mind uses 6 2 foot long 4x4s for the vertical supports with a plywood top supported with 2x4s. I would plywood on the bottom as well for storage. Then there would be casters under each 4x4. I was planning on using just a 2x10 or something to load it on. I would like an over all height of 2.5-3 feet.
So basically its like everyone else's. But I would like to have one of those plastic containers with the sliding trays (like a nuts and bolts organizer) underneath as well. You could have a power strip with an extension cord coiled up on the side too so to use whatever power tools you need you could just plug in one place.

Anyone think a kitchen table would be strong enough? You could probably get one cheap or free on craigslist and then cut the legs down, and reinforce it if necessary. Just a thought. I won't be building mine for a while but good luck with yours.
Or a door. I have a crappy old coffee table in the basement that might work as well but I couldn't find a tape measure to see if it was long enough. That way you could only need to buy the casters and the 4x4s and maybe some 2x4s. (for the door or table)
I'd be leery of a table since a lot of them are particle board but if you find a solid wood one I don't see it being a problem.
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