pacomotorstuff, The pipes you see fit well. They are aftermarket. I bought a set of CL175 pipes from the same engine series. I didn't realize that the pipe was a larger diameter. CL160 pipes were really hard to find.
Ya I thought the pipes in the photos fit pretty good. Had a similar problem putting CL pipes on my CD - the pipes were bigger diameter but with a little bit a creative work plus some bits from another Honda and I was there.
And feel free to call me Pat. Pacomotorstuff is my company.
I found a part that allows me to keep the straight pipes on. This is NOS from 1968.


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I remember these things from the '60's. You're going to have a real '60's original, my man!
Pat Cowan,
Vintage Motorcycle Fiberglass
Very cool find, first I've seen of them. Let us know how they work out.

What size tires are you running? Are they 2.50 - 18? If so, what kind are they? I need tires for my MB5 and they look nice.
The tires are Michelin Gazelles. They were all I could find to fit. As far as removing the parts from the package, I agree, it will be painful. If the end justifies the means, we'll be ok. After Christmas, if the snow leaves, I'll install and put up a demo.
Snuff or nots installed.


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A short video with the snuffornots.
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