CB350 Fiberglass Short Rear Underfender Now Available


Coast to Coast
Hi everyone,
We posted an advert on Dec. 01 regarding the availability of our CB350 Fiberglass Road Racing Conversion Kits and made the comment that we were working on a shorty rear fender to protect the carbs and the motor from rear wheel crud.
Well, we've just started production (the first 2 are already sold) - and they'll be part of the Conversion Kits with a 15% discount off list like the rest of the kit components.
The fender was planned from the get-go as a racing component and I don't think it'll work with the stock battery and air filters location but... if you have a modified street ride and want some inexpensive protection for your motor, this would be a good solution. Fender mounting is up to the purchaser - make your own clips, tabs, brackets - whatever you think will work (and send us some photos of your mounted fender to share with others, please).
The fender is available at a list price of $38.00 Canadian + HST + shipping. We're running 2 to 3 weeks lead time on deliveries and shipping, so plan your purchases accordingly.
A few photos attached.
Email for more info.
Pat Cowan,


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Been Around the Block
Do you have the measurements posted anywhere. Got a 350F that could use this

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Been Around the Block
silentsvn said:
Do you have the measurements posted anywhere. Got a 350F that could use this

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Ha I got a400f was thinking the same thing

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Coast to Coast
Oops me bad LOL!
Okay, some measurements:
inside width at the flanges is 9-3/4 inches, but if you trim the lips off, it will fit a slightly wider frame.
measured on the circumference, 12-1/2 inches,
measured on the chord - ie, inside straight line from end to end, almost 12 inches,
sagitta - ie, height of the arc, is 3 inches.
Mould was made for a left side chain drive.
Thanks for your interest.

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