Cb350. My tip broke off in my carb body... pics

Cb350, after purchasing the bike and fixing the carbs I noticed that one air fuel mixture screw is shorter than the other. It looks like the tip broke off inside.

Further confirming this is when I try to spray carb cleaner inside the passage and through the air fuel mix screw passage none flows out. My other carb flows when doing this.

I assume it broke from being over tightened.

What's my fix? How can I get that little tip out of there? Will this affect how it runs? I have a pair of newer carbs from a cb360 will they work?



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You can attempt to drive it out with a pick but if you screw it up you can ruin the carb body. There is a company in California called Randy’s Deburring that I have had remove broken pilot screws for me before. I think it was like $80
Are they steel? Maybe a neodymium magnet. Compressed air, vacuum, heat gun, and/or a centrifuge? Just brainstorming.
I've tried magnet. It's either not magnetic or it's really stuck in there. I've tried pushing wire through the carb body. But doesn't seem to work. Haven't tried air yet.
I am possibly considering drilling a tiny tiny hole from the other side accross from it to push it out. Then jb welding the hole.


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I wouldn't trust JBWeld in the fuel system. Maybe peen a small ball or chunk of soft aluminum wire into the hole you drill. I'd first try pressing it out with hard, stiff wire from the other side, held with pliers if necessary to get the angle. This is caused because people don't understand that it is a NEEDLE valve, and must be seated with the lightest touch. Problem is, it is stuck in tight enough to break it off. Maybe press it out while the body is heated?

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