CB350 Project


Coast to Coast
Picked it up for basically nothing. Here is some work I did over the winter. Had a kid and now starting to work on it again

Started with this



Tore it down and rebuilt the engine





Frame is getting completely cut up and new tubing welded on eventully. Just getting my JD2 Hydraulic Bender setup. Tail is also getting cut down a bit a smaller.

broncoboy79 said:
Nice bike. That motor looks real good.

Thanks. Ported the head and next is the Mikuni VM30 Carbs. Got abunch of them coming in this week.

Just gotta finish my stand for the tube bender and I can start fabricating the rear end.
I'm curious to see what you are going to be doing for a frame. Looks like a great build so far! Congratulations on the little one too!

I'm tuning in to this one.
Gonna design and build some tail kits for the CB3560 Stamped Steel frames. All you 'll need to do it cut the frame and weld it together.

CB350 Tail Kit.jpg
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