CB350 Ultimate Performance- 48 HP Engine Build Video

Stan Lipert

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Building race winning vintage Honda's since the 80's.
Sharing my latest CB350K race engine build in great detail, including:

Piston measurement
Cutting valve seats and flashlight inspection
Valve spring measurements and installation by spring pressure
Setting degree wheel
Cam timing/ slotting cam sprockets/cam timing diagrams
Clay squish measurements
Solder piston/valve/squish measurements
Dynojet 250i testing- 48HP

I make no apologies for the two hours of video. Please note that YouTube can play back at faster viewing speeds, click on the settings gear icon and select playback speeds.

If you want to get serious about engine building, the techniques are common to many engines.


Stan Lipert

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Dyno graph of this build



  • CB350 2019 Graph.png
    CB350 2019 Graph.png
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Love it. Don’t apologize for the length - this is fascinating to watch! Kinda like a tinkering/wrench version of Slow TV.

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Gorgeous. Finally someone who cares about the effects of squish.

(I couldn't care less about a CB350, but finally someone, who thinks along the same lines as me, when it comes to classic engine improvement work.)


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I'm in the process of rebuilding one of these engines.

This will come in real handy.

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