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Happy D Day.. (Dad's)
Just bought this motor for cb350 and it says the compression was 145 psi on the right and 140 psi on the left. I installed it & tried to kick it over, but it only ran on one cylinder.. after spending 2 years
working on it whenever I could.. it still won't kick over.. and now I remember early this spring in march? or April? I was kicking it over then .. it locked up.. I thought maybe the cylinders had too much gas.. but I had to take cover off to get to the timing nut (14mm) to see if it will turn in reverse
... which it did.. so I rocked it back and forth with the 14mm wrench until it was free the kick start again..

N_E_way... & now when I put my thumb over the left spark plug hole and turned motor over there is no compression..... So My turmoil just got worse... some one said if I swap condensers maybe the problem will go to the other side.. well it won't start.. rigght side tries to start.. but left side pops really loud once and a while.. I hate to take motor back out of the bike as i am on disability and can't lift very much.. i still have the motor that came out of it, but what parts can I use from it?? I wish I could get someone to look at it while it is still on the bike.. might just be a dead battery, I tried to start it the charger on and charging battery and still no go.. Is it a No or is it a Go? some one please help me and I will try not to insult your intellegence...? Yeah? Happy Paws Day erny2u@hotmail.com


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Why did you pull the original engine out?

Why did you buy a second engine?

Did you check timing?

Did you check valve adjustment?

did you install fresh spark plugs?

Did you clean carburetors?


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Adding your location to your profile, and in your post might help in case someone is near and willing to stop by and help/drink your beer.


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Be nice if you were right here in my neck of the woods.

Would love to come and drink....uh....help you out.


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Sounds like stuck, bent or rusty valves byt may also be a cam chain jumped the sprocket.

Where are you located? Maybe someone here can give you a hand.


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MonkeyClaw: Ebay Number 292610069600 1971 Honda CB350 Twin Engine W/140Psi compression on both cylinders..
OK. I got this engine on Jul 28, 2018. and it had a missing tooth on the drive chain sprocket and
the Clutch was gone.. It would not shift into gear no matter how tight I tightened the clutch

So I took the sprocket off the old engine and swaped it out of the monkeyclaw engine.
I installed the engine and it did start, but one side (Left side? Or Where the clutch cover is?)
piston would not power up all the way. and one muffler would get hot while the other was just
luke warm. Then I tried shifting it into gear and I notice the clutch was totally worn out. and it
would not go into gear. Then I removed the clutch from the old engine that was on my bike, and
swaped it out of the monkeyclaw engine. But I was using kick strater to try to get it running
again and all of a sudden .. The engine just locked up. So I took a 14 mm wrench and took the
(timming cover?) Clutch cover? off and used a 14mm wrench to rock the timing pulley back &
forth until it was able to turn again. But it never did start again no matter how much I tried
because there was zero compression on the side where the Clitch Cover is.
I paid $325 to MonkeyClaw and $300.00 for Shipping and all I have to show for it is a motor that
needs more money put into it and time and work.. No... Parts are to common for cb350's and
maybe there must be after-market kits to install other engins?....
Line of actions:
1.)... Find another engine and keep trying the same O Same O...
2.)... other after market kits that will let newer engins be installed.
3.).. Find out if the piston still comes up.. and if it does.. then maybe the valve
is sticking/stuck open.. and try to pry it loose thru the tappet adjusting cover/nut.
or remove head off the old engine and swap it off with the MonkeyClaw engine.
So.. do I hear any other suggestions? plaese list them below...
Cheers... Friends... thanks... erny2u@aol.com 530 353 7190 txt


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Time to fix one motor. If the old motor is already out, why not strip it for parts or to rebuild? Grab a Factory Service Manual and follow the steps set out to pull the head and check the top end.

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