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So I picked up a non running 75 cb360 as my first bike project and I went through a few things and cleaned a lot of the connections etc. now I'm at the point of getting it started and as soon as I turn the key to "on" the bike starts cranking and trying to start. I've gotten it to start but it seems like even after its started its still trying to start.

My guess was I might switched some of the wiring when installing the new starter solenoid but I can't seem to figure out what's wrong.


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Disconnect the control wires to the solenoid. If it still cranks continuously, you have a defective solenoid. If not, then you may have a pinched wire leading to the starter button, or a short in the button itself. Check the function of the starter button with an ohmmeter to make sure it is open when not depressed, and closed when depressed.
I had the same issue, turned out the yellow/red wire to the solenoid was shorting out in the right hand control. The wire just had a little too much stripped on it. If you disconnect the black wire that runs to the starter you'll be able to hear the solenoid click. When you stop pushing the start button up should hear it click again. That'll give you an idea if its in the control or solenoid pretty quickly.
Thanks for the replies! I'll give that a try this weekend when I have time to work on the bike.

Any ideas why the bike would start cranking/starting as soon as I turn the key/ignition to the middle position?
I was told I should have 2 wires running to the positive on the battery but I'm not sure
The starter switches on the pod tend to fail too.....the previous advice is good.....

The CB360 has one large wire from the Pos. Batt terminal to the solenoid. The 12V power to the ignition switch attaches to the solenoid with the battery too. Your picture shows the correct layout. Other bikes sometimes put that second wire on the Batt + instead, but your bike looks properly wired.
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