Cb360 battery wire gauge


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Rewiring from scratch as most components have been moved around. Can I get away with 8 gauge wiring for main ground, battery and starter wire? Oem wire measures 7.5mm with insulation
I think the starter can pull as much as ~60 amps so 8 is not really beefy enough to handle that. I personally used 4 AWG. But 6 AWG might be ok. If possible get the kind designed for car audio systems as it is more flexible than the stuff you can get from the home center.
Almost all starter circuits will be using around 40~45 amps when motor is turning.
The initial current can easily be double that if everything is working properly and into several hundred amps if there is a problem
Surprisingly, I've never measured amp draw on a 360 (0r a 350)
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