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This has been killing me. I know this has been asked before and I've read many threads on it but I just can't get this figured out. I replaced my cb360's fraying stock clutch cable with one from motion pro but I can't get the clutch to engage correctly no matter what I try. I have the manual and have followed the procedure dozens of times. The problem is this, the lever has very little tension when the cable is slacked (like it should, since the cable is just pulling against the spring), when I follow the procedure to bring it in contact with the clutch pushrod, the lever is too tight and the cable "pops" which to my understanding is the 3 little ball bearings are going past their ramps. When I adjust it for any amount of tension at all this happens, it's all or nothing. If I slowly turn the adjustment screw while playing with the lever the result is the same. Now, the clutch on this bike has not been used since last summer. If my clutch plates are frozen could this cause this problem?

I will post a couple of pictures once photobucket comes back up.
You didn't loose the ball bearing in the back of the actuator did you? :eek: Which manual are you using?

If no then the clutch adjustment order is, loosen the handle adjustment and run it all the way into the bracket. Then go to where the cable goes to the sprocket cover and run it all the way in. That should make the cable as loose as possible. Loosen the lock nut and turn the adjuster screw clock wise a few turns to loosen things up, then turn it counter-clock wise until you just feel the adjuster touch something. Then back it off clockwise a quarter turn and lock it down.

NOW, look and see how much slack you have in the handle. Use the adjustment on the sprocket housing to take that to about 1/2" inch of play at the handle end. IF you got it right it will feel tight, but will not pop.

DON'T use the handle adjustment for anything other than temp adjustment while riding. DON'T mess with the handle while you are tightening the actuator as that can cause it to POP. One more thing, if it still is popping then you may need to take the mess apart and clean everything up and look at it for wear. The ball bearing in mine had a flat spot worn in it that would POP now and then when I caught the clutch right.
Thanks for the reply. Manual is Clymer's. Here are pictures, sorry they are blurry but it's cold out there!



You can see the ball bearing is still in place and the adjuster nut is at maximum slack. The adjuster at the handle is also set up correctly.
Yeah I would say that cable is too short. Do like johnny says see if that helps. Make sure you grease the SHIT out of all of that even the little ball.
I just went through this. Replaced cable with aftermarket. Clutch would pop.

It seems the aftermarket cable is shorter.

And the adjustment on the clutch mechanism is very sensitive. To make my cable short enough to work I had to remove the lock nut from the handlebar adjuster. Then I had to adjust the clutch freeplay from the side of the sprocket /clutch cable cover. I was eventually just barely able to get it to work okay by doing numerous adjustments.

I hope this helps someone else.
The inner wire of Motion Pro cable is about 4mm too short.
They probably had so many made so it isn't going to be fixed any time soon (I can't imagine they will scrap them and do things right)
You can pull the ferrule off outer and cut a little bit off with a Dremel and mini cut off wheel, just be careful and don't knick inner wire
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