cb360 drum front conversion??


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can I just put the cj360 drum front wheel on my stock cb360 front forks? I'm having caliper master cylinder issues, and like the look of the drum.

I tried to search but couldnt find anything...thanks


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50 reads and no answer. i'm surprised I thought that would get answered instantly :'( :'(

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I think you need the CJ forks for the brake stay. But I could be very wrong too.

What about just using any CB/CL 350 front end?


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It is a cb front end. I just don't know if I can use a drum on it. And I'd rather not replace the forks cause I just rebuilt them.

Thanks for the reply. ;D

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I think you missed it: 350 front end, not 360. Probably a direct swap, plenty of them around, and already setup for a drum brake.

Also, it's usually far cheaper to fix what you have than to modify and buy different parts. You might like the looks of a drum brake wheel, but the caliper mounts might drive you nuts with nothing mounted to them.


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You caught me. Totally missed it I saw cb/Cl and quit reading. My bad. I agree that it might not look as good as I picture in my head and ultimately I want to ride this bike so I might be happier with a disk up front. Especially coming of of sportbikes.
We shall see what progresses.
I really appreciate the input.

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Forks are the same for drum and disc brake on 360's.

Brake torque arm runs from 8mm bolt not the 6mm mudguard bolts.
You'll need a new mudguard bracket as the drum brakes won't use same space as disc mount (or re-fit the top part to act as spacer

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