CB360 kickstart


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Issues with the kickstart on my CB360:

When I put the bike in gear (1st gear), pull the clutch, and move the bike back and forth *sometimes* the kickstart lever will move or rotate slightly. Now, it's my understanding that this should not happen, the kickstart shouldn't be connected to the transmission. True? Also, there is a significant amount of in/out and rotational play in the kickstart shaft. Can someone explain to me what is happening?
Circlip is possibly displaced or broken inside case?
Could be stopper isn't fitted right?
Only way to find out is take it apart
The engagement toggle that snags the trans drive might be slightly bent and is sagging the trans even when disengaged. you could put it in a vice. and straighten it then test it's clearance with the case open and the trans gears in place.(to see that it can grab hold of.. and release the trans)? I had a lily thing too with it. no biggie though.
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