cb360 part out, 3 complete bikes Buffalo NY


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I have 3 complete cb360s, no titles.. looking to part them out

PM or email me what you are looking for and I'll check and give you a price. Only thing I don't have are tanks at the moment.

only trades I'm looking for is a set of VM30s
Hey guys, just a heads up and some logic here. I wouldn't be parting out 3 rebuilt show bikes. So anything with rubber in it (carbs, boots, master cylinders) will be shit or need a rebuild and good cleaning. Chrome on pipes won't be perfect. My parts will be cheap but use your head before asking for "well working carbs" or good new intakes alright?
looking for a pair of exhaust collars (4 pieces) in useable shape, any of the bikes have those? Not the ones that bolt to the head but the ones that fit over the end of the pipe that slide in the head, they are c-shaped
Price and pics of head pipes??

Not expecting showroom, but somewhat reasonable. No gouges or anything. Pipes can be ceramic coated for looks if they are otherwise solid...

Sending PM doesn't work on my phone for some reason.

I am looking for a cylinder block, and maybe a gear shift lever and would need shipping to Canada.
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