CB400F restoration


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Bought this one at age 16, rode it for 5 years and then parked it in the garage for 32 years. The engine needed nothing but time had taken its toll otherwise. It looks and runs like new. I just need to find a '75 fender with the front holes in it.



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Just out of curiosity I checked and CMSNL does have an nos oem in stock.

A few more pics:

I have a brake lathe, the rotor needed the smallest bit machined off to be like new again:

Out for a ride to a pal's place:
This one will be ridden and shown, not sold. It will stay in the family as my dad bought it brand new in 1975 and sold it to me when I turned 16.

I have an entire spare engine with carbs from a parts bike I purchased in the early 90's and will slowly collect parts for that one for possible future overhaul and swap.
I'm very happy with the way the tank turned out. I had it professionally sprayed and polished here in town:


There was a big tank dent from falling into something that was pushed mostly out and then filled slightly:

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The tank came out super nice. Good job picking out the right guy for the repair and paint.
I have two 400fours myself. And yes I built the second w parts left over from the first resto/mod.
The first bike I did up as a Rat bike. It looks like it was drug straight out of a barn. Though mechanically restored 100%. The second bike is pretty clean. And now that I had my fun w the rat bike. I have already collected everything to make it nicer too. I plan to start the re-rebuild soon.
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