cb450 drum swap onto cb350, easy?


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It looks like the cb/cl450 drums are 40 spoke vs/ a cb350 36 spoke count.

If I got a 18" cb450 front wheel + axle would it bolt up to my cb350 forks? Or would I need a cb450 fork too? and would that work?

I wanted to improve my front end looks + braking easily but I am realizing its a little harder now. Hopefully someone else has info thanks.
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Basically the same hub in 36 spoke variety. Minor changes in bacjking plate etc but nothing serious. Either will work and you are better off with a new rim, so whichever you can get will work.
You can probably make them fit, but I haven't seen where someone has done it, so I don't know what it will take. What style brake stay does each hub have? What are the axle sizes? Sometimes, it's just a matter of swapping wheel bearings to match OD/ID. Sometimes, you have to fab a custom stay. Sometimes both, plus make a different set of spacers.
How did you get an 18" CB450 wheel? I've only seen them as 19".
Anyway, swap is dead easy but I think you need new spacers to keep wheel centred. (haven't done one for about 10 years)
To be honest, you would be better looking for a CB72/CB77 front wheel which has much closer spaced fins on hub so 'looks' better.
I forget what other hubs I have which are same diameter as CB77 but I know there is something newer so easier to get hold of (if I remember I'll take a look later and get back to you)
It would also be a good idea to 'upgrade' the 33mm forks on 350 to at least 35mm but there are literally 'tons' of forks available pretty cheap nowadays (I even got some Kawasaki 39mm forks from a 250 Ninja as they are a lot lighter than 1970's CB450/500/550/750/etc)
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