CB500 Big Bore Question


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Hey all,

I have access to a spare CB500 that needs rebuilt. It move freely, but has low compression and some missing parts. Since it already needs rebuilt, and needs new pistons, I'm thinking about going big-bore.

My question is this...
- Could I simply go up to a 550, or even 650 stock piston and then have cylinders bored out to match?
- If so, any issue/complexities added going up to 650 vs. 550?
- What else would need to change other than boring it out?

Thanks in advance.


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650 pistons won't work in a 500/550. Your best bet for an overbore hit is from ebay seller cruzinimage, he sells a 605cc big bore kit for 500/550. I've had personal experience with it and it's a great kit....the engine I put it in really screams for an otherwise pretty stock 550.


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Thanks for the info! I see the 553 kit in his store, but no 605. 553 is better than nothing!
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