CB550 dual disc upgrade help


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1977 CB550K (K3)

It currently has the single left side caliper. I wanted to just bolt on the other side caliper since the fork leg has the mounting holes already, but wondering... Are the calipers and brackets interchangeable from left/right side??

I couldn’t find a right-sided caliper on eBay or anywhere else... So did some research read that post K3 CB750 calipers will fit onto the 550 forks if also used with 750 brackets and rotors... but, this combo would only fit K1-k2 550’s (is this correct??)

Or will K3-K6 750 calipers/brackets/rotors fit onto K3 550 forks too?

Is there a worthwhile benefit to upgrading to 750 brakes??

Thank you in advance for any help.
Ive done this conversion a cou-le of times, including on Scruffy my current CB550 project

calipers and arms are the same, you’ll need to modify the speedo drive but otherwise its simple.
a new brake master, from a gl1000, completes the easy upgrade

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