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Back in April, my friend CalJ must have decided I didn't have enough junk or stuff to do, so he brought me this 550F and a couple of totes full of parts.
He wanted more space in his garage and I was tripping over stuff so, hey.... makes perfect sense!

This bike was actually SOHC4 Forum member Springer's old bike.


With Cal's permission, I sold off some stuff I didn't need and used those funds to buy the few parts I was missing. I'm a parts hoarder and this is about the seventh CB500/550 I've built, so I had plenty to work with.

In just over four months, I know have a pretty sweet CB550F Street Tracker. I laced up a set of wheels and installed some Avon tires I already had, found a Delkevic exhaust, swapped the PD carbs for some 022A's, mated an old seat pan to a tracker seat that I bought at Barber 3 or 4 years ago, sourced a wiring harness, and used a bunch of parts I had laying around.
A friend turned me on to a great painter and I got a killer matte finish paint job.

This old Honda has made it's way from Ohio to Virginia to South Carolina and will soon be ripping up the streets again!

scott s

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Tagged and insured and ready to ride.... almost.
I have an exhaust leak on #4, so I ordered some new crush washers. I also swapped out the headlight ears, as the fancy ones would have made contact with the tank.

Hoping to get it together and get some shakedown runs in before Thursday; I hope to debut it at a vintage bike night this week.

scott s

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So far, so good. There was a bit of an oil leak around the head gasket, but I did the "tampon" thing and rolled up a shop towel really tight and stuffed it in there. The speedo started getting really lazy on a ride today, being very slow to go back to 0 mph. The odometers both work great. I'll have to read up on that.
Adjusted the chain, checked the oil and the engine temp...guess I just need to keep putting some miles on it!



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My experience on the speedos is that the lube in the needle pivot stiffens with age. I open the unit and put a fraction of a drop of silicone spray (very thin stuff) on the pivot to thin the existing lube and give some that doesn't thicken up. The cases are a bit tricky to open, but watch a couple Youtube videos, take your time, and it should go fine.

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