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Back in April, my friend CalJ must have decided I didn't have enough junk or stuff to do, so he brought me this 550F and a couple of totes full of parts.
He wanted more space in his garage and I was tripping over stuff so, hey.... makes perfect sense!


This bike was actually SOHC4 Forum member Springer's old bike.


With Cal's permission, I sold off some stuff I didn't need and used those funds to buy the few parts I was missing. I'm a parts hoarder and this is about the seventh CB500/550 I've built, so I had plenty to work with.

In just over four months, I know have a pretty sweet CB550F Street Tracker. I laced up a set of wheels and installed some Avon tires I already had, found a Delkevic exhaust, swapped the PD carbs for some 022A's, mated an old seat pan to a tracker seat that I bought at Barber 3 or 4 years ago, sourced a wiring harness, and used a bunch of parts I had laying around.
A friend turned me on to a great painter and I got a killer matte finish paint job.

This old Honda has made it's way from Ohio to Virginia to South Carolina and will soon be ripping up the streets again!
Tagged and insured and ready to ride.... almost.
I have an exhaust leak on #4, so I ordered some new crush washers. I also swapped out the headlight ears, as the fancy ones would have made contact with the tank.

Hoping to get it together and get some shakedown runs in before Thursday; I hope to debut it at a vintage bike night this week.
So far, so good. There was a bit of an oil leak around the head gasket, but I did the "tampon" thing and rolled up a shop towel really tight and stuffed it in there. The speedo started getting really lazy on a ride today, being very slow to go back to 0 mph. The odometers both work great. I'll have to read up on that.
Adjusted the chain, checked the oil and the engine temp...guess I just need to keep putting some miles on it!








My experience on the speedos is that the lube in the needle pivot stiffens with age. I open the unit and put a fraction of a drop of silicone spray (very thin stuff) on the pivot to thin the existing lube and give some that doesn't thicken up. The cases are a bit tricky to open, but watch a couple Youtube videos, take your time, and it should go fine.
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