cb650 cam chain


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crazypj said:
I have a couple of sets of NOS 0.75mm oversize CB750 SOHC pistons, BUT, no rings, pins or circlips
Thank you for the offer! However I just ordered the cheaper piston set that teazer linked to me.
Hoping for them to be here end of next week, in the meantime I am going to finish cleaning everything else. and see how the valve stems look I am hoping they just need a cleaning!


Hello there. I always find good posts like this years after the last entry. How did those Pistons work out for you? I have the exact same bike and I ended up having Arais Pistons custom make me a set of pistons for a 61mm bore. They want $650 for the set of four with rings but they are forged. I have not torn my motor down yet but I have a feeling my timing chain may need addressed as well. I am two and a half years into my build. I would hate to have engine troubles at this point.

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