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Alright guys so im new to this and i see a lot of people have good knowledge about cafe projects
I bought this cb750 for a really cheap price and im looking into converting it into a cafe/brat style bike
Now i already have an idea of how i want it to look but if you guys dont mind giving me ideas i would love that
Like i said im new and this is my first project So please help
I will be posting pics of everything i do


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impossible to get it running good with pods
raise the front back up to flush with the top clamp and buy some good shocks stock length sprung and valved for you
It is not impossible, it just takes effort and some knowledge about how carbs work. Do some research on the topic, there is PLENTY of info out there.
This is what going for , except all black , and clip ons , i really hate the way the stock
Airbox looks


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A "cafe" and a "brat" are two distinctly different styles. You are talking brat. No such thing as a cafe brat. My .02.

Welcome to DTT.
Most that claim they have a DOHC Honda running "well" on pods doesn't know what a good running engine sounds/feels like.

Most a just interested int he look and fine with it "kinda" running.
Only see a few miles. Mostly pushed around for different angles for the pipeburn feature....
Got the engine out :)

Had fun taking the engine out and didnt it could be so damn heavy ???
But i did and now idk what paint color i should do the frame
I want an all black bike but idk if i should do something else to the frame
What do you guys think?


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What can and cant i paint on this engine

I also want to paint the engine after i clean it
What parts can and cant be painted black?


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