Cb750 Dohc to sohc swap


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Hey everyone please bear with me on this one.

I have a 78 cb750k full bike with a blown engine (put a rod through the block) and a 79 cb750 dohc engine that’s been sitting for a few years. It looks like there’s no way to mount the Dohc engine in the sohc frame. Has anyone been able to do this successfully?
If it truly can’t be mounted, can I use the sohc heads on the dohc block?

Thanks for the help. I know this is a pretty out there question. Just trying to use the engines I have before I go sohc hunting.


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Best of luck to you.

The DOHC, came with a removable section in the frame so you could actually get it out. The SOHC, has braces that run lower than the backbone.

Probably not happening.


no DOHC motor will fit into the SOHC frame (79+ had removable section of frame downtube to make it work)

now when I say that, I'm not saying it's impossible. I'm just saying that you'll spend more work and money making it work than it would cost to find the right engine.

the SOHCs are so much more sexy anyway
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