CB750 Nighthawk 1994


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Hello, I am back on The Wirral, U.K. after living in Murrieta, California and working as an Instructor for the CHP CMSP (California Motorcycle Safety Program).Brought three bikes back to the U.K. with me, one is my project Nighthawk. I have a crazy ambition to make a 4 into 4 exhaust system and a CR750 style fuel tank, so be ready for many stupid questions.
I just picked up this 92 a few days ago for cheap, super good deal, the guy didnt really know what he had, $360.. They are nice powerful bikes. This 750 is supposed to run about 12.75 quarter times, crazy fast. Pics.


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Nice score! One of the better standard bikes from that era, along with the Yamaha Seca II. Beautiful bike. You'll have fun.
they are a fine bike very good in the mountains mine is a 91
somewhat modded and is a monoshock system now a lot of fun


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