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I'm looking to replace my rear shocks and wondering if anyone has recommendations.

I've read that the stock shock for a 72 CB750 is about 13.35". I do like a bit higher rear than stock, and don't want to change the geometry too much. Would it be ok to mount a 14" shock?

Recommendations welcome. Ohlin? Ikon? Progressive?


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What are your plans for the front? Ohlins or the like will be overkill if you’re running a spindly stock set of forks.

Later, Doug


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Early Goldwing forks make a relatively cheap and easy fork conversion. This is a 750F I'm building using 75-77 Wing trees and 79 Wing fork tubes/lowers with Comstar wheels. The 75-77 trees are a bolt on job for a CB750. You can also use the 75-77 fork tubes/lowers. You can run spoke wheels using the stock 750 front hub with the Wing axle and brake discs. I happened to have the 79 tubes/lowers and the Comstar front wheel. A fellow inmate Irk Miller provided the Comstar rear wheel to make this a roller.


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I did similar on a '79 CB750F. GL1000 forks, trees, etc (from a '78 as I recall). Comstars, disks, calipers from a '78 too I think. Drop-in conversion. GL1000 legs are bigger and better handle the weight. All Balls roller bearings dropped right in, too.

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