CB750 Turbo w/ GSXR Front and Chrome Frame


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Hi all,

This is a shameless plug, but I've recently listed my project bike on ebay.


This is a 1976 engine, in a 78 chromed frame, with a GSXR front end conversion. I've a ATP turbo pack, minus the carb and air cleaner.

The wheels are DID Aluminum (GL1000) rims laced using Buchanan spokes powder coated black.

I've got tons of parts to go with this, including a nissin master cylinder, a Venhill quick turn throttle assembly, and both left and right controls.

If anyone is interested, i also created a custom wiring diagram with all the parts and pieces I originally intended on using.

Bike has a clean title. motor turns freely and appears to have good compression.

Let me know if anyone has questions.


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Yes. I agree, the suspension and wheels will cost more to assemble from eBay parts. You may even part it here for more if the frame is titled. I'll be watching.
Since you made a shameless plug, ill make a shameless request. If it doesn't sell, please make a build thread and finish this beast =)

This has the makings of a SICK bike!

I don't think that reserve is to out there. Ive seen MANY people asking a lot more for much less =)

Good luck with your sale
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