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Hi all,

Im new to the forum, and joined in the hopes I could get some advice and guidance.
Im looking to build a cafe/brat style racer, similar to one of these:




I have never built or worked on a bike before... but I am mechanically inclined, and have the shop space to work on the build. I love reading and researching new hobbies and honing new mechanical skills, and I have wanted to build a bike like this for quite some time now. I have a sizeable chunk of cash saved for the build, and I think im ready to start!

Now, I need a base bike to start with.

I have decided on a 1980-1982 cb750, and came across this one an hour away from where i live:


After speaking to the seller (who is also the original owner), I am convinced the thing is mint! It has roughly 3900 original kms on it, and has been garage kept and prepped well before going into storage (where it has stayed for the majority of its life). I figure- because although im mechanically inclined, that starting with a bike that runs great will be easier than buying some non-running heap and having to start from scratch.
Im going to take a look this sunday, and will offer him 2400 bucks.

My question/concern is:

Is a 'custom model' (aka cb750c) a good base bike to build the style of bike im going for?

I cant seem to find any specs that highlight the similarities and differences between the cb750f/cb750k/cb750sc models, and the cb750 custom model.

Is the frame the same on every model? Is there any reason that i should look for a cb750f/k/sc instead of buying this custom?

Any and all info/help/comments/ideas/suggestions welcome!


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The CB750 was built as a single overhead cam 4 cylinder engine from 1969 - 78. After that, Honda went to a double overhead cam engine. The CB750C was built in 1982/83. If you want to know everything there is to know about the differences, here's a link.


Best of luck.


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To start off the main difference between the F,K,C is the C has a different tank/side covers then the F/K. The bikes you have posted are either F/K's. The F is the "SS" (racebike) model and styled/stickered accordingly. Mechanically the bikes are all the same.

2400 seem quite high...i paid 600 for mine. Granted it was a basket case but I wouldn't really go over 1500. But thats just my .02


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This could get long winded so bear with me

You can check differences here by looking at the country, year and model

The top photo is a Euro spec K model and is closer to an F than the USA K model. USA did not get a K model with the comstar wheels. The 2nd photo is a USA spec K, if you look at the footpeg mounts the USA model has a welded bracket the Euro has a removable aluminium bracket.

There are quite a few difference between models C, F, K and Ltd all the engines are basically the same except for camchain tensioner and oil sumps which were modified throughout the years and some later 750s got an oil cooler.

The C, K and Ltd have the same frame tanks are different shapes but I believe they swap out as the mountings are the same, Wheels are different some get spokes and single disc and some get comstars and dual discs up front all have a rear drum brake. Front fork stanchions are 35mm on Ks not sure if the C and Ltd got upgraded to 37mm like the later F.

The F models all have comstar wheels dual disc up front and a single disc rear, frame is basically the same with the exception of the footrest brackets being aluminium and bolt on rather than welded on. With the rear having a disc brake the swing arm is different as well to accommodate the disc brake, it i also has a 16mm pivot bolt rather than the 14mm of the C and K. In the UK the 79 F had 35mm forks and later ones 37mm fork stanchions, not sure if applies to the USA models they may have got 37mm stanchions from the get go. Also the F has different tabs on the frame for mounting panels etc. The F tank is longer than the K buy 2" although it looks the same, they have different sized petcocks as well.

So although the K and F visually look very simialar there are a few subtle differences. which are not just cosmetic panels etc.

I'm sure I didn't catch everything and stand to be corrected on some things as I dont have a hands on knowledge of USA spec bikes just what I seen on here and elsewhere.

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dualitymike said:
...The CB750C was built in 1982/83. If you want to know everything there is....
False.... I own an '81 C model, that was the first year.

And to the OP: If you want to duplicate that look, the C model would be the most work to transform, a K is a better choice due to the tank shape. There are minor differences in the frame, tank mounts being one of them, so just swapping tanks isn't always that easy... I stumbled into one that fit somehow, while other C owners apparently have a bitch of a time adapting a K tank.
AND $2400 is at least double what you should pay for a bike to cut up...IMHO

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