Cb750c resto/cafe build with California sidecar


81 cb750
The dog definitely loves it.

I was hoping someone might have a recommendation for tires. Obviously I don't ride super aggressively and rarely even have e sidecar off but would like something with a balance of longevity and grip.

I'm planning to keep com stars so would prefer tubeless. I've searched but haven't found many vintage styled tubeless tires. I like the look of the Firestone classics, Avon mkII or shinko super classics but they are all tube type. Right now I'm about to go with some Bridgestone spitfire s11s but am not crazy about how they looks.

Any recommendations would be appreciated


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Top banana. I love that sidecar body, it's sweet, we don't get them in the UK.
I think most square section tyres are tubed. Is that really such a big problem?
What does it handle like, hell of a wide track to it.
Keep it coming :)
Started out really, really, ugly. Now you got something going there! I can see a matching gold stripe on that tank and another running the length of the top of the sidecar. With more than 25 years of sidecar experience I can say, you don't want to take the sidecar off, PITA to reattach and realign. That is why the majority of us hackers have one or more two-wheeled bikes to satisfy those urges. Once changes are made to make the outfit more sidecar-like, it makes it not enjoyable and less safe as a solo bike. The on/off sidecar is purely a myth as any serious hacker will tell you.

For smaller lower powered outfits like yours I prefer a vintage look. Depending on sizes, Avon Speed Masters for the front and Avon Safety Mileage MKII for the rear.

Now get out and have some fun with it!

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