CB77 Race project


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Long time ago on a galaxy far far away I used to race a 350cc CB77. I actually built two or three of them over the years and sold the last complete race bike a few years back along with a trailer load of spares.

But of course I kept a pile of good parts to build myself another one, one day. Well one day seems to be slipping into teh far distant future so I think I need to let go of this stash of parts.

What I have here:
GT750 4 LS front hub with lever and cables
GT750 forks to match
Light CB77 2LS rear brake - fully floating
WM2 front alloy rim or WM3 and WM3 rear rim and I am pretty sure I have piles of new or re-plated spokes
De-tabbed and braced CB77 frame with swingarm
Rebuilt bottom half of a motor with new primary and cam chain, cases bored to take 350cc liners, 350 liners and pistons
Ported, squish cylinder head with new valve guides (to be fitted next week and valve seats cut
Choice of two new Megacycle cams 121-20 and 121-N296 (special grind)
New R/D valve spring kit with titanium caps
Lightened cam sprocket plus a few spare sprocket assemblies
Lightened rocker arms
(I will build the motor before it ships)
Spare stock camshafts
Spare lightened race crankshaft with race kit big end cages
Spare super light crank. Webs have been machined ready for assembly. Could use stock OEM rods or Italian heavy duty rods if you wanted to.
Spare NOS CL77 crankshaft
Spare NOS bearings and seals and gaskets and used transmissions
Spare CB360 transmission and clutch for the ultimate 6 speed conversion
Spare crankcases
Todd Henning Motoplat ignition that fits on stock crank end or dyna to fit on shortened cranks
Motoplat tacho to match the ignition or I have an electronic tacho that would work well with a Dyna
Modified new TD3 fairing or used TD2 fairing.
There's some more small parts that I haven't listed.

Price: Well that depends on what combination of parts that someone wants. I would ideally like to see the whole lot go to one person. It needs a tank (or fuel cell) and seat, exhausts and controls and that's about it. I have a TD2 tank shell and cafe race seat. I don't have time or inclination to spend a lot of time on this project, so it's looking for a good home.

DM me for more details and here's the last one I sold https://pinkpossum.com/CB72/index.htm for inspiration.

Piles of gaskets including big bore head gaskets
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