CB900C fork swap


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I got a CB900C from a friend for a very good price but it has some issues. One of them being the air system. I would like to swap out the front forks for something that don't use air. I've gone the USD fork route on other bikes but I don't really want to spend that kind of money on this one. Are there any other relatively easy and affordable fork swaps out there? If you guys have any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.
This is from Teazer in another thread. "Air is to adjust springing. It's not like a car air ride with adjustable ride height. Well it is in as much as it adjusts springing and that impacts sag, but we're talking minimal range. They are an early form of sag adjusters is about all they are. Like adjusting preload on modern forks.

Just do what the others guys suggested. New seals and oil and zero pressure to start with and if that works for you, remove the schrader valves and cross tubes and block them off for a cleaner look - or just leave them.....".

The cheapest way to have decent performing forks is to rebuild those ones.

This is the thread. It's on a 750 but likely the same fork.
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