CB900C Mono Shock


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Hi there, I've just started stripping my CB900C and as I'm going I'm wondering about changing the rear end to mono shock... anyone done this before or got any tips (aside from the obvious, "Don't")?


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I think some of Origin8or's CB900F's were swapped over to mono's. Super clean builder, worth checking out. "CB985F black ".He did several DOHC Hondas. I saw the black bike at Fuel Cleveland, and Cafe Racer Mag's RRI show. It is a work of art! Rob Chappel is his moniker.


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The CB900C is a shaft drive 10 speed... I was hoping for something more specific... I'll take a look tho... I was thinking of doing the swing arm end of the shock mounting similar to some of the CX500 monoshocks I've seen. Maybe the top end, where it mounts on the frame, like the 750... To further complicate matters I also want to cut off the entire portion of the frame under the seat and put in a long straight hoop. Perhaps I can give triangulation and support to this at the same time with the upper shock mount...

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