CB900C or CB750K


Wife is having some sell one or the other. CB900 is an 82 with 41,000 miles and currently running. Decent shape but has been reliable.

CB750 seems to have a stuck float or needle is stuck but I haven’t opened carbs up yet. This is in excellent shape but only 10,000 miles and an 1977. But I haven’t had it running yet.

Guess I’m just looking for opinions, everyone has one. I have parts purchased for both bikes but can’t determine which one to let go

Which one would you keep?

Thanks in advance.

The Jimbonaut

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Me I'd keep the 750. Probably because it's the only CB I've owned (mine's an '81), but also because I love the looks of the thing. Love the tank shape, the mileage on your wife's is ludicrously low and the 10 gears on the 900 seems like a whole lotta gears you may or may not need.

Other people will give you far better wisdom. I love my 750 - local searches here in Montreal tend to bring up quite a few 900's but the 750's are in short supply. Hang on to it for as long as you can!

The Limey

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Difficult decision indeed. I'd keep the 750 Myself, but there's only a chocolate mouse's pube in it. The 900 is quite handsome for a factory custard style bike, but those sohc 750s have a certain charm that can't be beat.


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Purely from a value standpoint, the SOHC Hondas will always be worth more than the equivalent DOHC variant (excluding the 1100RC of course).
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