Changing the year on your title? OH/PA


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This is a long shot, but better than no shot at all.

My CB is a 68 according to the vin, but is titled as a 69. I have a 68 plate with sentimental value that I want to use on the bike, so getting the title changed to the right year is kind of a big deal to me. I live in Ohio and hold an Ohio title, and the lady at the title bureau had no idea what I needed to do to change the year. However, she did a title search and it came into Ohio from Pennsylvania in 2006 so now I need to call PennDOT.

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with changing the model year on a bike's title in either Ohio or PA. The lady here said I can get an inspection from the highway patrol and a salvage title but the bike has to be complete and inspected for that, and it's currently in 10 boxes. The inspections here are very strict and you need to account for every receipt and considering the engine number won't match I'm convinced I won't pass.

Any ideas?
You can call PennDOT all you want. Not going to matter. It's likely that the bike wasn't sold until '69 and therefore never registered until '69. PA doesn't play well with the public when it comes to this kind of stuff. You're better off framing the '68 plate and hanging it on the wall honestly. PennDOT sucks.
You are entering a world of pain. PennDOT is to the Ohio DMV as Idi Amin is to Mr. Rogers. I bet it'd be easier if you had lost the original title. Then you might be able to title the bike in VT as a '68, and then transfer it to Ohio.

Do as VonYinzer suggests and be happy.
Harsh. Guess I'll start looking for a 68 frame lol. Probably have just as much luck as getting mine changed!
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