You think the Carpet Pissers did this?
The old wheels dont have rim locks though, right? I dont remember seeing it on any of my bikes...


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That is such a good fine. I've wrestled for hours getting tires off. It takes that guy less than 5 minutes...



Is that the best you got? OK.. now my TURN...
It's all about having the right size tool and the technique... :)
"that's what she said!!"..

I bought a set of those tire spoons... Works great!.. Time cane off in 2 mins!!..

I just got Paul to put the new tire and tube on..


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Very nice, I've never changed a motorcycle tire before but they make it look easy. Thanks for posting Noel.

My fear when I get around to doing it will be scratching the paint or powder coat on the rim though. :-\


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Nice video locO :) I was attempting to remove my rear tyre just today. I have two 60" tyre levers, tried to get the blasted thing off for nearly half an hour... So much so that the steel levers bent out of shape, so much so they were un-useable. Still hadn't got the tyre off!! To the shop i think for them.... :mad:


Is that the best you got? OK.. now my TURN...
removing is the easy part... putting back on is another story... Honestly, Id rather have a professional do it.


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that's where they're headed soon... getting them powder-coated, so will definitely have to get a professional to put the tyres back on. wouldn't want that beautiful paint being scuffed up now, would we?!


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That guy in the second vid doesn't understand how to change tyres so it was pretty brace to put it out.
If he had old style wire beads, they would be broken and he (and anyonr using his methods) would be buying new tyres when the beads break.
You can hear the bead creaking while he's fitting tyre.
Use smallest tyre irons to do job, it's supposed to be persuaded on, not brute force and ignorance
The wheel well where the spokes sit (also known as drop center') is where tyre bead has to be then ease bead onto rim with proper lipped tyre levers.
I polish the working end of levers so tyre will slide easier.
Use some dish saop and water mix, the INSIDE of bead needs lubing as wellas the outside
You should only pull levers just past 90 degrees to rim


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Thought this may help anyone trying to put rubber on the rim. I did both my tires on my '73 cb350 with no tire irons. To get the tires off I used three screwdrivers and rubber gloves to protect the rim. When I got the technique down this bag method worked like a charm. I, however, put the tire and rim on the ground and used my feet and a broom stick to push the tire on the rim. This dude makes it look too easy. The rear tire was much harder than the front for me. Enjoy!



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Very valuable video, COOK! Thanks - definitely going to try this bag method when putting new rubber on our 73 CB350.


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Hears someone say to just take a sawsall to take them off...LOL. But you better be careful ....I imagine you get close to the rim then just snip the beads with hawks bill pliers :eek:

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My secret tire trick (seen on here somewhere) ZIP TIES !!! thats right get about 8 Extra long zip ties Zip them one by one all the way around the tire, basically causing the 2 beads to touch all the way around make sure they are tight and kind of stretch the bead. Once all 8 are evenly spaced and tight tire lever that beast on then cut the zip ties and voila


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