Charging Issues.


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Would like to know why rotor rubbed in one spot inside stator then system went out.79 cb750f ss.


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Bikes been dropped and cover shifted slightly.
There is only around 0.015" clearance
Check the dowels locating it, probably good idea to get new ones


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i would ck r.o of rotor and then crankshaft....more info would help,how did you know system went out? noise,charging output? what work has been done?crash damaged? i would think the outer case would be ruined if dowels sheared-(would take a tremendous amount of force to shear them),unless someone left locating dowels out!...joe@vcycle


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The dowels will distort with 'normal' crash damage, I've never seen them shear as the screws break a piece out of crankcase first
If rotor resistance is good and not shorted to ground, don't worry about it.
Rotor resistance should be around 5 ohms
Stator resistance about 0.5 ohms


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This bikes a 1979 Cb 750f SS.I've looked everywhere on the internet,ebay,microfiche,etc.. can't seem to find dowels for this cover the parts lookup's don't even state the cover uses dowels.Thing is i tossed original cover away since i broke it,then ordered a used one off ebay drove the bike few hundred miles in 2-3 weeks then everything crapped out on me one sun.Then i just recently bought a complete 80 cb 750k took the rotor,stator,and cover off the newer engine and noticed it had circular aluminium guides around the inside of the stator cover,then compared with the ebay cover and it had none.So the idea of dowels everyone speaks of may be the guides i'm referring to,not sure but seems like it.Since swapping parts i've put on almost 200 extra miles on swapped parts ,opened cover and still in good shape.I mean if theres dowels for the cover where would they go?

Hopefully this set won't crap out as well i'll still keep looking for possible dowel placement and use.Thanks a million already for the replies. :)


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If it's working and not rubbing on anything, don't worry about it. I guess the lip locates it, I just don't remember as I haven't worked on 750/900 DOHC since the late 80's

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