Charging Rotor giving two different readings.


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Ok i bought a remanifactured rotor via Ebay.Paid over 100 bucks.Well recently had an issue rotor rubbin stator.Was told on forum that cover is not right.But prob i have is i tested once this morning after running bike for a few minutes still cold first reading was 5.5-5.6ohms then tonight i checked again still cold and i got 2.8-2.6 humm?Then i run bike again rotor exposed still for a few minutes same thing 2.6-2.8 then i tapped on it with a mallet very lightly where the bolt goes and then checked it 5.5-5.6 now i thinking short.What you guys think?(79 CB750f SS DOHC).

Any help is very much appreciated.


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If everything isnt completely in place as it was designed, you'll never get consistant readings. Fix what is broken first, and go from there.


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possibly you vom connectors at meter or connectors...static res is close (3-5 ohms) it may be nothing... but you need to assemble the system and test with an amp meter on positive terminal to ck actual charge rate.....if bad you will need to trouble shoot each system, make sure you start with a well charged good battery with clean terminals, good ground, etc... joe@ vcycle

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