Cheap Alternator cover gaskets for Honda CB360t


I am tired of needing the alternator cover gasket on my CB360. I always seem to damage it to check timing.

I have made my own, using scissors, but it is to darn tedious, especially for old sore hands.

So I made the trip to flea bay and bought this:

I use manila folders for gaskets. they re cheap, thick enough, and work fine. My last gasket was a purchased gasket, and I damaged it removing the cover...So I made one. But cutting it was painful.

this circle cutter was under $10, so the first gasket I make pays for itself.

Just wanted to share.


BTW - Just search for a Hobbico Circle Cutter...seems a lot of vendors have it.

I first looked for gasket cutters, but they ran into the 200-300 range....

Since I am only making a handful o circular gaskets, this will do fine.


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I coated mine w a layer of antiseize and wiped it off. works good to keep it from sticking enough to tear.


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What a simple and great idea, thanks for the advice. Just put an order through on ebay, they're like $5.99 a pop on there. :D

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