CHEAP/COOL Hurst ultimate retro cool disc brake stuff DIRT CHEAP


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For those of you who KNOW what this stuff represents, this is just a head's up. For those of you who DON'T KNOW - well I'd suggest you do some searching around and look into the subject, 'cause this is true hot-rod retro-cool equipment I'm talkin' about here.

I know that Lockheed stuff ain't all that cheap, but the Hurst stuff was also pretty trick - might have been better appreciated in other circles of motorcycling - but hey, Hurst made some of the first floating rotors etc, and anybody who's into "period correct" mods and upgrades, maybe they've even got ideas about doing the AHRMA thing and they NEED period correct stuff- well the Hurst stuff seems a lot cheaper than other versions of the same thing.

So yeah, if you're like ME and you like the idea of using a rear caliper with some cool retro flair to it - hell they just LOOK COOL with all of the knobbie fins and shit - well you can probably get these calipers for cheaper than the new stuff you've been thinking of using. I'd say fifty - sixty bucks tops for a cool old caliper and MC, this listing up abolve has the caliper hanger and the MC, the Triumph rear-set bracket etc etc - parts that could probably sell and make the cash back again.

The aluminum discs with the steel electroplate are one really really cool product. I don't understand why they don't use this technology in THIS day and age. All of the trouble they go to, lightening disc brakes nowadays, they trade off function for every "lightening" hole they drill. Go to a lighter material, re-surfaced for proper durability and friction, well THEN you've got a full surface area brake that's STILL lighter than otherwise. There's no NEED for all of those holes.

They were supposed to be the SHIT for period-correct stuff. Me, I just like the idea of a tight little mini-caliper for the rear, with those cool retro fins on it. Too cool.

Just a brain fart.


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