Cheap 'Pod' filters - why you shouldn't - Public service posting


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I absolutely agree with what geeto says in his last couple of posts about getting everything cleaned and repaired back to original working order, valves adjusted, timer working, good compression, and fresh oil, before trying to jet tune the carbs. Then down it's trial and error by making full throttle pulls until you get it right.

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Are you OK? How many fingers am I holding up? Do you know what day it is? Who is the president? What is that reply to a year old post about?


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Excuse me, I just got this tapatalk app thing for my iPad, I thought the discussion was new. Will you live?


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Use some sort of computer, preferably a desktop with decent sized monitor instead of a phone or tablet with a joke of a screen (expanding a small section will never be the same as a 'real' picture ;D )
It's all good, needed bumping back to top 8)

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Where is the best place to get emigo filters? I'm actually looking for a shittier filter with less air flow. Bike is running thin since i went from K & N from the same sized emigo.

The K & N website is great. Had filters in my hand in 2 days is good considered I live in a buttf town in Canada.
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