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Gettin my life together. One bolt. At a time.
Seems we haven't had much going on in this sub. How's a little check-in to see who's active and doing what where?

Moved here from Chicago a year and a half ago, Peachtree City area. Just got my bike (76 cb550f) delivered to me 3 weeks ago from chicago. Finally got the time, money, and space to get her running so I plan on wrenching this summer.
Hey man, I know it's been a minute since you posted this, but I'm on the southside of Atlanta, and I have a CB500T that I have built into a cafe/brat bike. I'm working on a CB400 now with the hopes of more of a street tracker/urban tracker look.
I'm still very much active. Do we have a vintage Honda scene on the Southside? Or is it just the rich hipsters up north who ride them? Almost everyone down here has a Harley.
Don't do that. You're from Boston right? Trust me. It's much better in the north.
Shoot... I'd like to wish there was a vintage Honda (or any Japanese bike, for that matter) scene on the southside. I'm actually about an hour south of downtown, so I'm well OTP. But if there were ever weekend rides for vintage bikes I would love to join up. I just finally finished my "over the winter" rebuild of my CB500T, and I'm going to be out riding this weekend (locally, I want to test it out before I go as far as ATL). I'm also hoping to go to the Barber meet this fall... Have you ever been?
Im an hour south too. You got pics of your projects? I might go to barber this year, depends on my schedule and such.
Just reading over your build as well. I like what you've done with it, and it looks like you're well on the way to a sweet bike. I took my CB500T out riding today and it did very well. I have a couple little issues with it, but nothing that's going to keep me off the road. I'll probably let my CB400 sit until this coming winter and work on it when I can't be riding.
You say you're an hour south as well... Where you from down in the country? I'm from Monticello and work in Macon, so I end up all over the central GA area. Maybe we could meet up and ride sometime.
Fayette county, Peachtree city. A little north of you. My bike isn't riding right now, redoing the wiring and hit a bit of a roadblock ha! But when it gets on the road, let's grab a beer!
Sounds great! I'm going to PM you my phone number and you can text me when you want to compare notes or rides...
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