CL 175 piston Bore question


Hey all,

I'm looking at rebuilding the engine on my 68 Cl 175. Cylinders are pretty bad, thinking of boring them and putting in oversized pistons.
Any suggestions? Have not done this before. Not really sure of what my options are, or where to find the oversized pistons/ rings and what ever else I may need.


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I 'think' I've put CB200 pistons in 175 but I've done so many 'conversions' I just can't remember (may have been late 1960's Honda 90 pistons)


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Honda 90 pistons fit a 160 IIRC.

CB200 pistons are too tall and the pins are 1mm larger but the crown is almost identical to the 175.

Was the question about much larger big bores or about how to determine the size needed for a rebore?

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