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Hi all, I received a project 1972 CL125S from a coworker with a huge bin of parts. The carb was off the bike and in the bin when I got her. I also found a rebuild kit box that looks to be mostly installed on the carb. I replaced the two side adjustments that were in the kit and manifold O ring. The carb is now mounted. The original throttle cable was broken at the end that went into the carb but there was another one in the bin. I attached it at both ends and got the throttle handle together.

Now my questions are, how open should the carb piston be at idle and where do the two hose fittings go? The piston is about halfway open. I could probably lengthen the cable by removing some of the cable shielding at the carb end and I'm guessing the upper one connects to the tank petcock. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Pic of the new bike and carb mounted;


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VonYinzer said:
At idle, the carb should be as it is with no cable installed.

That's what I thought, I'll see if I can remove some of the shielding to lengthen the cable, or just buy a new one. Thanks VonYinzer for the info.
No problem. And, IMO, you should just buy a new cable. Things like that should be replaced with new when putting a bike together. Make sure you properly lube the cable as well.
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