cl175 carbs on a cb200?


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My cb200's carbs gave their last breath the other day. So I'm looking into getting some new ones. My cb 200 engine was dead stock with the 18mm carbs. Would it be possible to mount cl175 carbs (with the cl175 inlet manifold) on a stock cb200? If so could someone give me some advice on jetting, ...

Thanks in advance!!!
I'd just clean them up and fit them and see how it works. Stock jetting is really close 175 to 200.

What's wrong with the stock carbs though?
If you are looking to buy new carbs, I believe Diesel450 put vm20's on his old cb200. And if you are looking to buy well used cb175 carbs, I have a pair for cheap.
Thanks for the reply's guys! I took the stock carbs apart last summer to clean em up. Changed every gasket, new floats and needles, ... They keep leaking fuel though, I'm thinking the corrosion just deformed the edges too much so the gaskets can't really do their job. Plus i noticed the rubber inlet manifold had a huge crack in it, don't know how long that thing would have lasted anymore. They did well for a year, but it's time for some change. Do those carbs on sale include inlet manifolds? Can you ship internationally? I'm from Belgium ;).

Herre , the carbs I have for sale are in the selling section. I'm not 100% sure what they are (but having a CL175 last year gives me a good idea), so you may want to check them out for yourself. I don't mind shipping to Belgium, and I can take more/better pics if needed.
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