CL200, Carb boot issues / is this good to run?


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Hi all,
The last month I acquired a really nice condition CL200. I've been fixing all the "small details" and issues it had.
Yesterday I rebuild the carbs and tried to clean the carbs boot as much as i could, previous owner used paper gaskets instead of the oring that should be there. So upon close inspection I noticed the rubber part on the inside is not flush with the metal part, also there are sone rubber gauges and scrapes. Is this ok to run with? Or should i find new carb boot?
i found a set on ebay, but the rubber is cracked at the flange. Attached are some pics:


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I wouldn’t worry about it. Probably came from the factory like that. You have to remember that we’re talking about 50 year old manufacturing methods, things like that won’t always be perfect. As long as it seals well and doesn’t leak, run it!

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Good to know! Thank you!

I was thinking of trying to get an extra set to make vacuum ports while keeping the oem just in case. What would the dril bit diameter be for that?
Typically an m5 or m6, get some vacuum adapters and then drill and tap to match. You will need to be sure to cut a flat spot so you can put a crush washer and have an airtight seal.
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