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This is sort of a weird thing to search for, but I couldn't find anything. I recently got my '73 CL350 running, but when trying to get it to move, it stalled when I put it in first gear. I took both side covers off and inspected everything and found the pivot piece the cable attaches to wasn't installed in the right position. I fixed that and put it all back together and adjusted the clutch as per the manual. Now I can get it into first without stalling, but it jumps slightly when doing so. It can be ridden and I rode it around the block today.

Now for the question. With the engine off, in 1st gear, clutch lever pulled in, should the bike be harder to roll than in neutral, or is something sticking/etc.? This is my first bike so I'm not sure if it's normal. I don't know if I'm being paranoid or not.


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When the clutch lever is pulled in it should roll the same in any gear. If it has friction in a gear with the lever pulled in it is not disengaging all the way. On several Honda's I've worked on the adjustment lever doesn't always line up exactly where the little triangle arrow is. Adjust it with the wrench and flat head screw driver until there is no friction in neutral and while its in gear and clutch lever pulled in. Also make sure the cable is tight so it pulls as far as it can. That should do it. If not, let us know what else happens after adjusting these things. Hope it helps.

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