CL350 will not idle or stay running


Hi everyone!

Friend and I got some 1973 CL350s last week, we are new to all this and just started working on them today - trying to get one running at a time. We had success with one, but it will not stay running and will not idle. We can open the throttle up and get it revving, but it gives up and quits after 20 or 30 seconds.

We put fuel in, checked oil, tried adjusting idle screws, checked spark plugs, and charged battery. There is fuel in the fuel bowls. We also jumped started it three times. Now we can't even get it to start at all and as I said, even if we do get it started it will quit shortly after. At this point we are leaning toward carbs being the culprit, but we just don't know enough about it to be sure,

Thanks in advance!
Q A weak spark may be the culprit. A quick plug change to a pair of new properly gapped B8ES plugs might fire it up. It could also be the coils as they can break down intermittently but before you lay out cash on replacements please also check that your fuel is adtually flowing. A blocked fuel tap or tank breather can quietly raise havoc with the running of your engine. Good luck!

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