cL360 engine/xt250 engine/cb450 frame 2 sr250s


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Cl360 motor SOLD!

Rocker box assembly SOLD!
Dual carbs. Need ebuild.$25 plus shipping

84 xt250 box of parts (and some electronics) seller said top end needed rebuilding I picked it up for the kick-start parts and thinking it was a spare engine for my sr250s but its not, so obviously motor minus kick-start parts. 20+ shipping
Frame sold.
Have dented gas tank. $10 +shipping

cb450 frame (SOLD)
Few body parts but a lot are rusted out, salvageable fenders
Cb450 most of orignal wiring harness. $5

rims were rusted through I cut the spokes and kept the hubs
(Front hub sold)
Rear hub $5

Swap for sr250 parts electronics, cool bars, grips, controls, custom sr250 wiring harnes, led lighting control box m-gadet?

Maybe a nice seat or seat materials leather ect.

Lately any fitness stuff , Power rack attachments trx straps ect, but I doubt shipping anything heavy would be worth it.

I'm in the 32506 area code
Re: cL360 engine/xt250 engine/cb450 frame 4 sr250

Yes I do and hubs and some frame parts from the 450. Sorry so late been busy and had to reset password on pc some reason phone wouldnt work right.
Re: cL360 engine/xt250 engine/cb450 frame 4 sr250

No ideal I've already had 4 people ask me if I'd sell them separately unless offerinf asking orice just for valves, not asking alot for the motor and dont want to sell a partial motor missing harder to get parts. For someone really interested I'd be willing to open it and take pics and mic them out.
Sorry stuff has been in storage for a while now and I missed the replies in junk mail.

Parts are updated as Craigslist finally came through.
So you still have the 450 forks are they k5-6 72'-74'
And the 360 motor??

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Ok I'm in need of parts what would you want for the rocker box assembly

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Not sure my only two (sr250)projects have hit a major stale mate. Just off top of my head maybe
Everything needed to put kickstart on sr250.
Unique handlebars,
used motogadet or something similar, combo gauges,
a rim that will work to even out the stance on stock sr250.
A decent seat or enough nice leather material to make a trscker seat and few accents. Or anything that would be a nice addition for a littke tracker/stomp around town bike.

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Nevermind I re read earlier post. Assembly. Yeah you can have it for $30 plus shipping. Really wanted it to go to someone with a build in here I could track and you got way further then I ever have on either of mine.

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Basically I'm needing a few rocker arms mine have a lil spalling
I've done every mod to motor I'd be lame not to have all fresh rockers

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