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Well I've just returned from my latest, and probably best annual visit to Chimay in Belgium, for a weekend of classic racing. Sadly my Alpina T500 severely shat itself just a week before going....better that than during I suppose, so I was reduced to borrowing a pal's XBR 500 Honda. The weather was great, and riding through the Ardenne region was awesome. Belgian roads are better than our race tracks, and have close to no cars on them. We travelled Thursday, and rode Friday and Saturday, covering near 300 miles those two days bimbling, at quite high speeds around the Meuse valley. The roads between Chimay, Rocroi, Revin and Montherme are wonderful, built for bikes with no traffic on them at all.
The racing on the road circuit at Chimay is a feast of classic bikes, with just about anything and everything on the track. It's a laid back, grass roots event, where you can freely stroll around the immense paddock to chat to the crews and admire the machinery. If you are into classic stuff, and looking for an event to post on your 2019 calendar, I fully recommend Chimay !


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Another thumbs up for Chimay. Lovely town and the track/event area is good. Camping is close by or next to the event area. Roads are OK, although we drove (our aircooled VWs) down via Lille and did hit some terrible potholes at one point. On the whole though better shape than out disastrous roads.

Chimay isn't too far (2hrs approx) from Spa, so an easy double up. The drive between the two is awesome, the further East you go the more mountainous it gets.

Biking there sounds good.


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