Cleaning the ace???


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I live in a coastal town and ride the ace past beaches constantly. Lately I have noticed lots of corrosion to the wheel spokes, brake/clutch levers, brake fluid reservoir and other bits and pieces. The corrosion is caused by... I'm assuming a build up of salt?
I am constantly cleaning it off using aluminium polish. I hope this is the right thing to use, as I'm assuming these parts are aluminium?

I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem? If so, what do you do about it?
This is my first bike and I'm keen to hear tips on how to care for a bike, how to wash it, how often this is done..

Acebrybry said:
I'm assuming these parts are aluminium?

Mostly they are are - except the spokes, which are plated steel!

Don't use any abrasive cleaner on the spokes no matter how mild. The plating is quite thin, and will rust quite readily in a coastal habitat.
I would be inclined to wipe them regularly with a cloth dampened with WD40 or an equivalent, and be certain do so after washing.

A Wash & Wax type cleaner is usually sufficient to keep things looking good on a new bike and involve the minimum amount of effort so is more likely to be done fairly regularly.

i wipe the rims shocks and other chrome with a rag soaked in oil every two weeks. i live 200mtrs from the ocean so i know what you mean. use a bit of al-foil to clean rust spots off the chrome then hit it with oil or rust prevention sprays .
the spokes are a real issue , im debating getting new spokes laced in one day. but thats later on down the track. i just wipe oil on and leave the residue, its oxide so it makes a coating, every time you clean that coating off more rust or oxide has to form as it it now exposed to the air.
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