Clip-Ons: 10 degree vs. 7 degree?

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Someone school me on Clip Ons. I know the 7 degree will be flatter than the 10 degree. Does it make THAT much difference on your wrists, looks, comfort, handling, etc.?

These are 7 degree. I also kind of dig the offset. How will the offset affect the things I mentioned above....looks, comfort, etc.

These are 10 degree and I think the lower angle might be more comfy, but they have no offset.



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What Ichiban said ... however - you also need to mock up the whole riding position - the relative position of feet ,seat, knees and arms to get a comfortable riding position. You can't determine the angle of the clip ons - height or anything else until those other ergonomic points are fixed.


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I put "flatter" bars on my 996 and it made a huge difference in comfort. It felt like the stock bars were making me try to touch my elbows together or something.

But, it's different for everyone. No one can tell you what will work best for you. I remember years ago there were some BMW bars everyone raved about. I finally sat on a bike that had them and thought they were horrible...

EDIT: And now I just noticed this thread is seven years old, and it is a bot that dredged it up. Sorry for adding to the zombie postings...


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DD - doesn't really matter how old the thread is, you can guarantee that the info will be of use to someone - especially the new blood coming through.

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