Complete cb350 part out - full custom cafe with many aftermarket goodies


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The time has come to take on a new project. As of right now the bike is a complete fully functioning bike but I've decided to part it out. Here is the list as follows and everything works flawlessly.


Lowered front fork - $65
New front brakes - $25
New cables - $50
Rebuilt carbs with jets - $70
Custom exhausts - $175
Hot Shots - High performance multistage rectifier/regulator/stator -$185
New custom made wiring harness - $100
Motobits rear sets - $180
Custom painted Porsche "oak green" fuel tank - $85
New dime city seat - $175
New throttle -$15
Clip on bars - $70
K&N pod filters - $55
New clutch and springs -$75
Dyna single 3ohm coils - $120
Bobbed front fender available - $40
LED rear brake light - $ 25
New levers - $30
Charlie's Place Electronic ignition - $125

I'll put suggested prices up later but feel free to PM with offers!!

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I pm'd when the ad went up for some things. Last I knew he was keeping track of who asked for what. He told me the other day he had someone coming to look at buying the whole bike, and if they didn't end up taking it he would be ready to start pulling parts. Haven't heard back since.
Hey guys, I apologize for the delay on all this. For a while there I was getting an overwhelming amount of interest in the bike complete. At this point I know who wants what and if the bike isn't sold by this weekend then I'll start packing parts up for you.

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stick a fork in it...

I tried PM'ing, emailing, etc. He's had a list of parts I wanted since day one... no responses now.
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